Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Backyard

I was out working in the yard this week and thought I would share some of the springtime flowers blooming in my yard, I am reminded again and again by the power of God, how he provides for every living breathing creature on our planet. I know sometimes we may think God has forgotten us but if you look outside at all the beautiful flowers and trees that have had to endure the bitter winter wind and freezing temperature's patiently waiting for the winter season to be over so they could bask in the glorious sunshine once again. I think that is how life is, sometimes we just have to wait for our season to burst forth and bloom again.
Have a Great Mothers Day!


  1. My husband pastors a small U.B. church in NE Indiana. (I found your husband's blog and left what will be considered a controversial comment, then followed over here to your blog.) I love the photos of your flowers! I've been learning about blogs & technology in general, and use my cell phone to take all the pictures of our yard/garden to post in my garden blog, sceneinourgarden I'll come back from time to time. We here great things about your church!

  2. Make that HEAR instead of "here". I tend to type too fast and post too fast!


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