Thursday, March 31, 2011


Hello my friends! I just (found this today the 31st) and it
starts at midnight tonight. What a great way to
reach other blogger's that have not found you yet?

Well, if you have never been here before a big fat
WELCOME is in order! Take your time and look around.
Hope you come back often to have a cup of tea with me!
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Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Tea on Tuesday 7

This week I am working on unfinished projects.
Getting ready to begin some new ones. My tea
today is my favorite Earl Grey.

The mug you see is from my sweet mother-n-law,
I am not sure the name of the quilt block it displays
but I love it!

I know this may look like a mess but it is a work
in progress to me. Looking forward to sharing
some new things with you sometime in
the near future. I love to learn new things!
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Happy Tea~day!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Tea on Tuesday 6

Last month I helped my dear friend throw a Baby Shower Tea
for her daughter-in-law who is having a sweet little girl! This will be my
friend's very first grandchild, so she gave me carte blanche; told me what
colors, gave me a theme and I went into party mode! LOL

Here is the serving team (wonderful friends!) Our aprons are a
gift from our thoughtful hostess (aren't they cute?)

Oh- these were delicious! (wish I had some now!)
Pumpkin scones and assorted sweet breads were part
of the menu along with chicken salad on a bed of lettuce
with mandarin oranges and sliced almonds
It was quite a treat!
Happy Tea-day to all of you!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Tea on Tuesday 5

Happy Tea-day!

I look forward to this day!

The name of this tea cup is Sepia Rose by Johann Haviland;
made in Bavaria Germany in 1946.
I inherited a service for 12....well not 12 anymore, some
pieces were broken in a move many years ago.
My great-grandmother passed away when I was 11 and since
I was the only granddaughter, all the girly things
came to me.

My great-grandfather and grandfather both worked for Firestone
and these dishes were an earned give away from 1950 thru 1965,
so there were a lot of them.

My grandfather passed away 2 years ago and in his basement were 2 more place
settings in their original boxes. When I did the research to find out more
about them, the info said they were known to be department store
giveaways. That's ok with me! I am just thankful to have them...well
what is left of them. I have used them quite often for tea-parties, and would
love to have the sugar and creamer, ebay has lot of this pattern.....hmmmm
I may have to be on the hunt.
Have a great week!