Thursday, August 27, 2009

Welcome to My Cup of Tea!

I am so happy to be launching My Cup of Tea, Tea~Parties! This has been the plan for many years, and because I have been unemployed outside the home for awhile now, this seems to be the best time! I know the economy is not good (believe me) but we all still have birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers and special times with our friends.

We need to cherish those special moments as often as possible and I would love to help you with that! I have been crazy for tea as long as I can remember, and collecting anything that has to do with tea has become an obsession -(much to my family's dismay! LOL). Old doilies, tablecloths, teacups, teapots...oh so many things and not enough space!

Someday I hope to own a sweet little Tea Room here in our cute little town where I can share all my treasures and joy with everyone! I pray one day the Lord will provide a way for that to happen.

Thank you for visiting me; I'm looking forward to planning a Tea Party just for you!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Visit our cozy home

Well, hello my friends! This is to let everyone know to visit to learn about the family stuff! Please visit this blog to because great stuff will be here also! Thanks for all your imput and interest!
God Bless!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Changes to come

Hello my friends! This is just an update to let you know this blogspot will become my business blog very soon and I will be posting a new blogspot address for our family blog, please feel free to visit both! I am excited to be posting lots of pics and info! Please be praying for my new business venture it is something I have wanted to do for the last 15 years. Check back soon to see the new changes. Thanks for all your support!