Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I understand~

Hello Friends!

Well here I am.....again, trying too make time in my crazy life
to blog (just not ready to totally walk away yet). I have noticed that
some of the blogs I have followed are no more;
I understand.

 Also I have noticed some of my followers have dropped off;
I understand.

I am still focusing on tea but I will be sharing how tea fits
into my everyday life.
Sometimes as a blogger, I worry about who is reading my blog
and if I don't get any comments, then I think- Oh,why even bother
no one is even reading it anyway.....
I am changing that! Its OK if it is not being read by everyone;
I understand.

So I hope you will enjoy the future content of my posts
and rambles and if you don't.... 
I understand.

So much life and so little time.
I just want to make the very best of it.

Thanks for your kindness
So lets have some TEA and cake!