Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It is FALL!

Well today is the first day of fall. It starts officially here in my neck of the woods at 5:59 today. This has been my favorite season for as long as I can remember. As a kid, we couldn't wait to carve pumpkins and make scarecrows that would sit on the front porch or in the front yard; my favorites were those with the pumpkin heads. Jumping in the leaves was a big deal too! When we lived in Texas, I missed the changing leaves, but they still had the fall spirit!
The wooden scarecrow in my picture came from a friend in Texas. He is one of my favorite fall decorations! I have pulled out my pumpkin recipes and I am in a Teaparty mood! I've been looking for Pumpkin Spice Tea but have not found any yet.
I am looking forward to sharing my fall recipes and Teaparties with all of you, thanks for all the wonderful comments and kind words you have shared with me!

Monday, September 14, 2009

I am not the only one

Oh what a day today! I am glad it is over! Thanks for all the nice comments about my round robin, I will be showing pics soon of the 1st part of the 12 inch block.  I wanted to share something that my family (all male) thought was funny; last summer I found a sewing dress form (mannequin) at a yard sale for $5.00 yes $5.00. I was so excited when I saw it! We had just bought the house we live in now and I was looking for items to furnish my new (happy space) sewing/scrapbooking room. I only had $40 to spend TOTAL, of course I painted everthing with a coat of white paint. Anyway, I found this manaquin and dragged it to my car.  She now has her own place by the window; I call her Manny - for obvious reasons! (I know creative huh?) LOL.  She somehow has acquired a couple of outfits and my kids think it is strange for me to "dress it," but as I was blog-hopping this week I came across 11 dress forms (mannequins) on other people's blogs! Everytime I  saw one (all different, all dressed in some sort of clothing) I started to chuckle, I yelled to my kids, "hey I am not the only one!" I thought I would share a  picture of her here. If you have a (Manny) story let me know. Have a GREAT day!  

Friday, September 11, 2009

Quilting Round Robin

After what feels like a short summer, we are all trying to get back into our fall (school) routine.  We had our much anticipated first Kindred Kwilter's group meeting at our church that meets once a month (we don't meet over the summer). Not everyone that comes attends our church, so it was really great to see everyone together again. What was really funny was how everyone was so interested in a pile of plain white small boxes (they looked like pizza boxes). Of course we were not allowed to pick them up and look in them (shhh... it was a secret!) Every year we do a new project for ourselves and an outreach or mission project. Our only ongoing project  we do all year long is making baby quilts; our group makes baby quilts for all the new baby's that are born to church members. So 25 to 30 ladies continually make baby quilts all year to keep up with the demand (we have 800 members at our Church, that means a lot of babies!)       

Have you ever heard of a Round Robin? Well I had heard of one but never was involved in one... until now! I am so excited! Let me tell you how ours is going to work... this is a quilting Round Robin and every quilt group has their own rules.  Our quilt group is doing a very simple round robin for our 1st one as a group.
Each person will make a 12 inch block of their own choosing. You place it in your white box (the mystery white pizza box with instructions and a place to put your name glued inside), then at the Oct. meeting everyone will place their box on the assigned table. At the end of the meeting you will pick up a box (not your own) on your way out- the fun part is you don't know who has your box! The next person will add some kind of borders to your block. Then in November, you will do the same thing. This will continue until February, and in March you will get your own box back; what a surprise it will be! You never know what you will find in the bag attached to your box (by then it will not fit in the box!) I just love this idea! I will post pics of my block when I get it done, then pics when I get it back in March. Can't wait! 

Monday, September 7, 2009

Fall is almost here

Can't believe that Labor Day weekend is over already!  We had a wonderful time with my inlaws! We ate too much good food while sharing a lot of joy!  Hope to get together again soon.
Fall is almost here, need to get the rest of my decorations put out; of course I have already put my fall teapot on the buffet ready for any surprise guests that may wander in!  Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Love Yard Sales!

Here is a sweet little treasure my friend Linda found for me at a yard sale last weekend. And the best part.... a $2.00 bargain! It is so cute!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I love getting together with creative friends! This past February, our quilt group Kindred Kwilters got together in Tecumseh MI for our annual quilt retreat. We made a table runner with pinwheels as the focus, so pinwheels became the theme of the entire weekend. We had so much fun! A visit to the British Tea Room was the highlight of the weekend for me; the entire upstairs was reserved for our group of 25. We made our own table arrangements with the pinwheels theme in mind. We also provided some fun party favors for everyone and the food was wonderful! A great time was had by everyone!