Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tea with a friend

Hello my Friends! New year, new stuff to share!
Over New Years we went back to our home town for a visit; it's 2 hours from where we live. When we go there, we always stay with my sis-n-law. We got to visit with my mother-n-law and nephew and his wife. I try to visit my dear friend Margaret when I am in town (this doesn't always happen) but this time it did! Margaret and I have been friends since the 5th grade; let's see that has been.....35 some years?! Hmmm... hate to think it has been that long! We talk on the phone almost every morning. Well, when I got to Margaret's house to visit and to see her new puppies, (Boston Terriers) I walked into the dinning room, and on her lovely dinning room table sat a tray with 2 beautiful teacups and lots of wonderful goodies to eat! She had planned for us to have tea! I was so excited! Tea is one of many things Margaret and I have in common; she has the most beautiful collection of 3 legged tea cups I have ever seen! You can imagine my excitement when she told me I could take a tea cup home! We had a wonderful afternoon; I hated to see our teatime come to a close. This was a great way to start off the New Year!
Have a happy tea day everyone!


  1. Donna, sounds like you have a lovely time, and that was sweet of your friend to share her pretty china with you. Aren't they unusual?! Yummy food too ;o)

  2. What a wonderful surprise - looks lovely!

  3. Now that's a friend, for ya' I'd be so excited my teacup would be rattling in my hands...haha! How wonderful!

  4. sounds like a great visit.. nothing like a cup of tea with a good friend.. sweet too to get one to take home..

  5. What a wonderful time you must have had. I love having tea with friends and family. The tea tray looks so warm, delicious,and inviting.It trulky is very special. Thank you so much for visiting me ♥

  6. Oh my, these are gorgeous cups, you are such a lucky duck to take one home :)
    And what could be finer than tea and goodies with a good friend!

  7. hahahaha! My 6 year old calls those legged cups, "bathtubs" because they look like a claw footed bathtub to her. :)

    Beautiful tea tray!

  8. Tea for two and talk talk talk. Glad you had a great time.


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