Friday, October 12, 2012

Pumpkin Time

Well, here it is pumpkin time again and I am so excited! I LOVE anything pumpkin (except cold pumpkin soup!)  I really want to put together a cook book all about day, I hope. I recently made a double batch of pumpkin bread and used the most amazing pan, I borrowed it from my dear friend Sue (she got it from her husband for their anniversary) It came from WILLIAMS-SONOMA  It made the most beautiful loaf of pumpkin bread I have ever seen!  The detail is amazing and it popped right out of the pan! I was amazed 
(even though it don't take much to amaze me) it really was awesome!

 So I just wanted to share the beginning of my months of pumpkin. Today I am sitting down to a cup of Earl Grey tea and a delicious slice of sweet moist pumpkin bread!
 What are your favorite sweets for fall? 

 I Would love to hear from YOU! 


  1. I love your baking pan! How lovely. Pumpkin bread is a favorite of mine too...yum....I can just smell it now.
    Happy Fall!

  2. Like you, some of my favorite fall sweets have pumpkin in them. Yum, and ... I WANT ONE OF THESE PANS! (Sorry, I didn't mean to yell!)

  3. I love your pumpkin bread! It's one of my favorite's! The pumpkin design is really pretty!


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