Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer Tea 2013

This summer has just flown by AGAIN!
Here is a tea party I created a couple of weeks ago
for a dear friend.
This is the third year for this outdoor extravaganza.
You see, my dear friend is 75 years young and has been battling
ovarian cancer for almost 4 years. 
Every year she calls this her going away "Tea", 
a tea party for her friends and family to remember.
She has the most amazing attitude of anyone I 
have ever met!  
We set the tea for 50, plan the entire year,
sew napkins, decorate hats and hunt for special
We met 5 years ago at HER yard sale!  I bought 14
antique hats and a couple of hat stands. We became
instant friends, exchanged phone numbers and
I have been BLESSED by her friendship
ever since! 
You never know who God will put in your path.
Don't ever let age or circumstances guide your way.
Keep an open mind and an open heart; you just never 
know what God has in store for you! 
Have a Tea-riffic day!



  1. What a Beautiful Tea Pary you put together!

  2. What a wonderful way to meet a life long friend. Blessings, Martha

  3. Oh Donna, this is such a beautiful thing to do. Your actions and words are so heartwarming. How wonderful that you found one another. Mina


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