Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Waiting on Spring

Hope you are having beautiful sunshine where you live!
We are having a spring SNOW! (frowny face)
This has been a very long winter for me, I don't think 
I have ever been this cold. I've drank a lot of tea this winter
 and it has helped keep me warm (a little.) LOL

This is a pattern I have been working on soon to 
be in my up and coming Etsy store. 

Oh by the way I am drinking Black Tea today
with milk! This cute mug came from TJ Max and it
keeps my tea very warm!
Please visit  Terri  & Martha  and all the Tea cup Tuesday

 Hope you are enjoying your Tea-day!


  1. Hello Donna, your Time for Tea mug is lovely! Perfect for springtime. That is a fab pattern you are working on! The colors are beautiful!

  2. Love your tea mug...and your darling rug mat. So cute!

  3. We had a little snow this morning, and I'm so tired of winter, too! Love your tea cup and your mat! They both look so warm and toasty!

  4. We are having little snow flurries at the moment. Hope they are just winter's last hurrah but you never know! Love the tea cup mat!

  5. Darn! Don't you want to shout, "enough already!"? Hope the sun comes out for you soon. No wonder you need a mug of tea. Mugs are my favourite way to drink tea. :)

    1. Yes Veronica I did shout that this morning! LOL
      Ugh! Trying to be patient.

  6. Oh, I was just going to ask where you got the mug, so thanks for the shopping alert! And please let us know when the Etsy shop opens -- I've been wanting to have one for years but haven't gotten around to making the goods!

  7. Hello Donna
    I'm sharing an early morning cuppa with you right now as I type this all the way from Australia where it is raining beautiful rain = yes we are loving every drop after such a dry spell.
    Hope real Spring won't be too long away now for you.
    Thanks Donna for your visit and sweet comment.


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