Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I understand~

Hello Friends!

Well here I am.....again, trying too make time in my crazy life
to blog (just not ready to totally walk away yet). I have noticed that
some of the blogs I have followed are no more;
I understand.

 Also I have noticed some of my followers have dropped off;
I understand.

I am still focusing on tea but I will be sharing how tea fits
into my everyday life.
Sometimes as a blogger, I worry about who is reading my blog
and if I don't get any comments, then I think- Oh,why even bother
no one is even reading it anyway.....
I am changing that! Its OK if it is not being read by everyone;
I understand.

So I hope you will enjoy the future content of my posts
and rambles and if you don't.... 
I understand.

So much life and so little time.
I just want to make the very best of it.

Thanks for your kindness
So lets have some TEA and cake!


  1. Blogging has changed. Some of the blogs have turned to profit making, some have disappeared. It isn't the sharing fun it used to be with all the parties and visiting. I still read my blog roll - don't always comment - don't often post. Still enjoy reading just like sharing a cup of tea with virtual neighbors.

  2. I am here also and forward your posts to my friend in CT. She and I used to do tea all the time. Its my way of having tea with her miles away. Thank You

  3. I love reading and virtually catching with you! Having a cup of tea right now!

  4. Hello Donna,
    thank you for your visit to my blog, are right that many blogs have disappeared , so many are now posting on fb- Lovely to see your blog of wonderful teas :-)

  5. Sometimes I have trouble posting a comment (my lack of skills probably) but I do read and enjoy your blog and so many others. Sadly some of my favorites have gone away. I especially like and appreciate the way your blog and others provide a list of favorites which help me expand my reading list. Hope you continue blogging.

  6. I still enjoy reading blogs - glad to discover yours - and try to post on mine at least every two or three weeks. It's my way of "journaling" my life, since I've never been good at daily journaling.

  7. have I missed you! Come and link to Tuesday Cuppa Tea! Another Christian, tea loving blogger! Like does get difficult/busy, but there is always tea!

  8. I love tea. You have a beautiful blog. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

  9. I just found your blog and look forward to following you. I have a blog too and sometime life just gets in the way and time passes. But then, something happens that I want to memorialize and I remember to blog it. Looking forward to having tea and your blog!

  10. I just found your lovely blog. I look forward to readying your past posts and any future ones too!


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