Sunday, February 1, 2009

Whoo Hoooo February (spring is close!)

Today is February 1st, a new month with lots of things to do! My husbands Birthday is this month the (13th) no heart cake for him! He prefers round, when he was growing up all he ever had was a heart shaped cake LOL, so we try to make him a different shape with a little heart....somewhere in it or on it. Our ladies bible study started Tuesday and will end in March, I think we have around 60 ladies between morning and evening group; it is called Enjoy by: Tianne Moon, a thirst quenching look at Philippians, so far so good!
Our quilt retreat is at the end of this month, I cant wait, but I don't want the month to go to fast dose that make any sense? Leave a comment this month and let me know what projects you have on your plate. I would love to know what is happening with all of you!
Oh by the way, my friend Lisa made my new blog backround for me, I think it is so cute! Way to go Lisa!

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