Monday, September 14, 2009

I am not the only one

Oh what a day today! I am glad it is over! Thanks for all the nice comments about my round robin, I will be showing pics soon of the 1st part of the 12 inch block.  I wanted to share something that my family (all male) thought was funny; last summer I found a sewing dress form (mannequin) at a yard sale for $5.00 yes $5.00. I was so excited when I saw it! We had just bought the house we live in now and I was looking for items to furnish my new (happy space) sewing/scrapbooking room. I only had $40 to spend TOTAL, of course I painted everthing with a coat of white paint. Anyway, I found this manaquin and dragged it to my car.  She now has her own place by the window; I call her Manny - for obvious reasons! (I know creative huh?) LOL.  She somehow has acquired a couple of outfits and my kids think it is strange for me to "dress it," but as I was blog-hopping this week I came across 11 dress forms (mannequins) on other people's blogs! Everytime I  saw one (all different, all dressed in some sort of clothing) I started to chuckle, I yelled to my kids, "hey I am not the only one!" I thought I would share a  picture of her here. If you have a (Manny) story let me know. Have a GREAT day!  


  1. Your blog is darling!!! This is my first visit and I look forward to many more!!!


  2. Good evening, What a pretty blog you have here. I will be coming back to spend more time. I noticed you have three sons. I also have three sons that used to tease me about all of my girl things :>) I hope you have a wonderful evening.

  3. I HAVE ONE!!!!! Her name is Lillian and I found her in So Dakota this past summer. I LOVE HER!!!! And there are lots of us goofy women out there! Go to Jodie at "Everything VIntage", she's on my blogroll, and look up her "Where Bloggers Create" post back at end of July. And you will meet Sophie! TOO FLIPPIN' CUTE!!!! And then you can proceed to show your kids. My boys think I have absolutely lost it. WHO CARES!!
    I love her, and I just keep buying her hats! She doesn't even have a head - what is with that!!!!

  4. Hi, Karen shared your blog with her followers and she also has a manny, it is too cute. Hers has beads and a hat:) Enjoyed visiting with you and have a blessed day! I'll be back:)

  5. Karen mentioned your blog so I hopped over. I've just moved back to the states after living for the past six years in the UK. I am all about the tea : ) I'll be back!

  6. what a super cute blog you have! i just popped over from theresa's and am loving the ric-rac!


  7. Hi Karen, thank you for visiting my blog, I wish you would of left a comment, and hope you return again.
    I love your blog, it is really interesting, and yes I do love your Manny..Hugs my new friend, and have a great Thankful Thursday, read my post and share your thankful thoughts with me.

  8. Manny is dressed so pretty. I think it is such a cute idea. I don't have one, but if I had room I would.

    I love your blog. It is so cheerful. I hope to visit again soon.

    Have a happy day

  9. I have noticed a lot of blog ladies have one. They look fabulous when decorated. Yours is dressed very pretty.

  10. Hi...I don't know if I've been here before or not, but with a name like My Cup of Tea, I don't know how I could have missed it! Love Manny...I'm on the hunt for one, too. I saw one recently that was being used as a jewelry doll...she was loaded up with big necklaces! I'll have to look through your blog later...I'm sure I'm going to like it!


  11. Hi Donna,
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog. You have a wonderful blog here. You have some beautiful tea things. Kim at hosts a Tea Things Tuesday and encourages everyone to join in. Kind of a fun way for show and tell. Your manny is great! I think it is perfect for a sewing/craft room. Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. I wish I had a "Manny". I had the opportunity to buy one for $1. when I was working in the apparel world and didn't take it. Now I regret it.

  13. Hi,
    Nice to meet you.
    What a nice blog you have.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  14. Hello Donna,

    Nice to meet you. Thank you for visiting my blog. Your blog is so cute. I don't know how I missed your blog either with a name like My Cup of Tea. I love your dress form. I hope to get one too someday.


  15. G'morn ... Manny has a lot of friends out there ... they are all busy posturing themselves differently for each decor. Chuckle!

    Have a lovely & beautiful weekend. TTFN ~Marydon

    PS Pop over for Rebecca's BEAUTIFUL giveaway tonight ending. She's a wonderful friend, you like her. It's posted on my blog today.

  16. I had a "manny" once. Found her dumped at the side of a trash can! She had some plastic flowers hot-glued on her. It was a mess to clean her up. A year or so ago, I sold her at a garage sale for a nice profit. Now I wish I had her back :) Thinking of you this morning and praying for a great morning of praise and worship as you gather with fellow saints :)

  17. Your mani looks so pretty.. Just love that dress and what a great price..

  18. Hi Donna!!!
    No, you are not the only one! haha There are many of us who have "Mannys" and we all adore them so! Your find at a garage sale was fabulous!!! She's beautiful.
    I've enjoyed my visit here so very much and I'll be back soon :)
    everything vintage


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