Monday, March 7, 2011

Tea on Tuesday 5

Happy Tea-day!

I look forward to this day!

The name of this tea cup is Sepia Rose by Johann Haviland;
made in Bavaria Germany in 1946.
I inherited a service for 12....well not 12 anymore, some
pieces were broken in a move many years ago.
My great-grandmother passed away when I was 11 and since
I was the only granddaughter, all the girly things
came to me.

My great-grandfather and grandfather both worked for Firestone
and these dishes were an earned give away from 1950 thru 1965,
so there were a lot of them.

My grandfather passed away 2 years ago and in his basement were 2 more place
settings in their original boxes. When I did the research to find out more
about them, the info said they were known to be department store
giveaways. That's ok with me! I am just thankful to have them...well
what is left of them. I have used them quite often for tea-parties, and would
love to have the sugar and creamer, ebay has lot of this pattern.....hmmmm
I may have to be on the hunt.
Have a great week!


  1. Some of the old dept store giveaways are today's great collectibles!! Lovely set - and what a nice tablecloth!!!!Drop by for tea, if you get a chance - another giveaway!!

  2. Oh, how great that you know the history of these pretty dishes from your family! My mother's china was from a grocery store. She purchased the set one piece at a time and treasured them. Now, they are mine to treasure.

  3. Hi Donna! I have pretty set that was a grocery store giveaway that my grandmother earned for me when she knew I'd be living on my own soon. I still have the set and love it dearly for her thoughtfulness. I also have her best china which I inherited when she passed. I always think of her when we have a family gathering and use the "pretty" plates. Such wonderful connections we have to the people we love!

    Happy tea day! Kimmie

  4. Me like, very much, lol. It's a lovel post, Donna, I so like hearing about the history of things. Continue to pleasure and care of these treasures :o)

  5. What a lovely setting and love the embroidered tea topper!

  6. Lovely set, especially with the memories & family ties. Treasures, for sure!

  7. Beautiful dishes ! What a treasure to own !

  8. Your Sepia Rose china is very pretty and the embroidered tablecloth is lovely too. Hope you find a cream and sugar set.

  9. So many lovely things to read about... lovely blog.


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