Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tea on Tuesday 15

Today is another busy Tuesday!

So happy you could stop for tea

The Scones are warm and delicious (cranberry)

I am having milk in my tea, how do you like yours?
Hope your Tea on Tuesday is WONDERFUL!
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  1. O my, your tea looks so fancy, I feel under dressed. However, after seeing the cow spit milk into your cup I might fit in after all, lol
    Happy T on T

  2. Such a pretty table setting .... Is that dahlia I see???? I can't wait for dahlia time! Cranberry scones sound delicious!

    Happy tuesday! Kimmie

  3. That cranberry scone looks good enough to eat. I'm getting hungry. And yes, I drink cream in my tea at times. After all, I AM British (grin)!

  4. Love your tea posts, you always make tea time a celebration :)
    Happy Tuesday to you!

  5. So pretty and professional!!!!Love the little cow pitcher!! Drop by for tea if you get a chance!

  6. Love, love, love your little moo-cow creamer! How cute is that!? So nice to visit here for a little spot of tea!

  7. Okay, Donna - I found you - joined you, too. Now - fill me in on the Victorian Edwardian Ladies' Society I've gotten myself into. I love it but the site is overwhelming to me! Don't know what to do or how to do it - and/or why. Ya! I hate being the novice! Left you a comment on your page there, too.
    Be in touch!
    Miss Kathy

  8. I love your black and lime green color scheme -- so fun and contemporary!

  9. Love your eclectic tea time table...very fun.
    Lady Linda

  10. Your tea table is lovely. The cranberry scones with cream & lemon curd look delicious. I like my black tea with milk too.

  11. What an inviting table. I love the black and white teacups and saucers!

  12. Beautiful tea party.. loving the cow creamer.. and yum for the scones.. no milk for me though..

  13. Hi friend love your post thanks for sharing...loves soraya


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