Monday, March 18, 2013

Tea on Tuesday Spring Bargains

 Just bought this teacup at Goodwill for a $1.50
not only because of the price but because I 
liked it!
 It is Royal Albert, but I don't know anything else
about it yet.

I don't usually buy cups that don't have saucers
but I just fell in love with these at .75 each

I think 2 of them will now hold my paint brushes
and glue sticks for my mini glue gun, and sit on 
my new art desk (a place of honor lol).
The yellow flower one reminds me of 
Spring....I will be using that one tomorrow.
I really can't wait for Spring!
Happy Tea~Day!


  1. It would have been REALLY hard for me to pass up that cup and saucer! The colors and pattern are SO beautiful.

    And a new art desk, huh? I may have missed that you are a painter, too! I hope you'll show us your desk one of these days. (I don't know why I love to see "Where Women Create" so much....)

  2. That is a gorgeous cup! I enlarged it to see that it looks like an English village scene. I don't think I have seen this Royal Albert pattern before. You are so lucky, and to get it for $1.50! The other two are really pretty as well, I love those shapes. I use cups like these in my art room too!

  3. That's a great idea! Tea cups brighten any corner. Now I want to head down to the thrift store and find little orphan tea cup that need rescuing. :)

  4. Lots of pretty cups and mugs waiting to enjoy!

  5. Lots of pretty cups and mugs waiting to enjoy!

  6. You can't go wrong with a Royal Albert teacup, and the mugs are a colourful spring group.

  7. Dear Donna,
    My, you found great treasures!!! Love that cup and saucer and have never seen it before. Great mugs too. I think they are mugs and not meant to have saucers.
    Ruthie from:

  8. How lucky to find such a gorgeous tea cup for only $1.50! I love the pattern. Great idea to use the other, pretty cups for glue sticks and such. Happy Tuesday! ~Michelle

  9. I have a set of your Royal Victoria mugs in black and cream, with small plates and sherbets. I have several sets of china, and when we have guests always use them, occasionally using the Royal Victoria.

  10. Oh Donna what an amazing treasure you found for so little money!!!! Adore that cup!
    Now to say how sorry I am that your tea cup is not on it's way to you yet...I have been a wee bit behind in getting it finished. Know that the wait will be worth forgive me for being a bit tardy.
    Sending springtime hugs....Karla the slowpoke

  11. What a pretty teacup your found. I never seem to find pretty teacups at the Goodwill here. : ( Guess I just have to keep looking! Have a wonderful week!

  12. Oh, I do love a teacup with an English village scene on it. They are so very charming and yours is a Royal Albert too! You have some lovely cups, Donna. Thank you for your visit and your nice comment.

    Happy Easter,

  13. I have the luncheon dishes that match the cup you have in this post :) the one with the yellow flower on it.

    1. That cup has become my favorite and I use it everyday!


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