Sunday, March 10, 2013

What is a Kindred Spirit?

What is a Kindred Soul/Spirit?

Here is the defintion:
Also known as a kindred soul, a kindred spirit is one who shares certain beliefs, values, or interests with another person. For example, if two people say they are kindred spirits, it means they have certain similarities. By the definition of the words that make up the saying, the two people have a likeness that forms a relationship or association between them. Other factors, such as similarities in age and gender, can help make a kindred spirit relationship stronger, but they don’t have to exist for two or more people to be kindred souls. Likewise, a kindred spirit relationship isn’t limited to one between two people, and can exist among larger entities like groups and organizations. 

Do you have someone/group of people in your life that fits that description?  Are they your online friends or people you see frequently?  Would you say that person is your spouse or other half?  I have been giving this some serious thought because I think it is really important to have someone in your life that shares that creative side of you. Someone that encourages you to step outside the box, move beyond your normal range of things and is doing the same thing.  Have you done anything crazy creative lately (something you have seen on Pinterest or another blog) and thought, "I would love to do that"? 
 Because of blogging for 6 years, Flicker, Pinterest, Yahoo Groups, online classes and so many other sources, I have found some Creative Kindered Spirits, some of them I do not know very well but still think -wow I could really hang out with them!
I hope you have found some wonderful friends/group that you feel that way about because it is just so important to your creative soul.
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  1. Oh, YES, Donna! In fact, I'm meeting one of these "kindred spirits" at 11:00 tomorrow. We discovered each other via a blog we both read and realized we live within miles one one another! We share a passion for Jesus and a desire to live a lifestyle in joyful obedience to His Word....

  2. Love that you took time to post this definition. I have many kindred spirits. Some I have known for a long time and others I have never met face to face. I like to think of it this way..When someone, gets you, you clique, you feel a kinship almost immediately. I love this and first heard it in Anne of Green Gables years ago. Hugs! Jean


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