Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Tea Day!

Happy Tea-Day! 

 Just unpacked some tea pots and tea cups; I need to
 do a pot count! 
 These are for a dear friend's tea party in August.
We have been collecting these for almost a year now.
I have posted pics of her tea parties in the past.  
My dear friend Jenny has ovarian cancer, she is 76.
Every year she calls this her "going away" tea-
this is our 4th year. 
The Good Lord has shown such mercy. 
She plans to invite 60 ladies this year so we are
short 15 pansy or violet cups & saucers.
We put the word out....
Hope we can find some in time; 
if not, we will make do.
I'm going to just enjoy the time with my friend.
Hope you can enjoy tea with a friend today! 

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  1. Donna: I know this means a lot to your friend and you should be commended for all this planning and making these event possible! The tea pots are lovely and thank you for sharing with Friends Sharing Tea!

  2. Such a nice idea of a tea for your friend. I hope she can enjoy many more.

  3. Hi Donna: This must be a very hard thing for you to help put together. I will pray that God gives you the strength as you prepare to bless your dear friend. Hugs, Martha

  4. Hello dear Donna, I am sorry to hear of your friends health situation. The "going away" tea seems to be a positive way to deal with her challenge. I wish you all the best time and that you get all the tea pots you need. The love you all shower upon her must be so powerful.

  5. I love your friend's attitude and pray she gets surprised by the number of happy days ahead!

  6. What a lovely collection of tea pots and cups! Hope the tea goes well.

  7. Donna,

    I have come here Via way of the desk hop and read this post, if I was closer I would of leant mine to you. I have a complete violet dinner and tea/coffee pot set that is vintage and it would of been perfect. I love antiques and fine china and collect the stuff still. This is one of my secret passions. I do hope the tea party went well.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda

    Now I am off to read your desk post....... see you soon.

  8. You would love my blog on table top decorations that I did for a church conference.
    debs Dancing in the! I love your blog!


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