Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Victoria Woodhull Tea 2016

Hello Friends!
I just popped in to share some photos of a fabulous tea at the 
Oregon Ohio Historical Society and Museum.
The Oregon Historical Society holds 2 teas a year 
honoring First Ladies.

Even though this lady was never a "first lady" she was the very first lady
to ever have her name on the presidential ballot; her name was Victoria Woodhull.
Much to my surprise she lived a very public and colorful life.

This tea seated 48 ladies, with 2 seatings held a day apart.
My sweet friend Betty played the part of Victoria Woodhull and shared 
her rags to riches life story with us.
She did an amazing job!

All ready for the lovely guests to arrive!

~The Menu~
Homer Pork Dumpling Soup
Orange Cream Scones
with orange marmalade
and mock Devonshire cream
Victoria Ham & Swiss Sandwiches 
Election Day Chicken Salad Toast Cups
Chocolate Caramel Ballot Squares
Lemon Presidential Tarts 
Tennie's French Vanilla Trifle 

Two teas were served; 
Mrs.Patmore's Pudding Tea and
Raspberry Rose Hibiscus Tea,

The most divine tea cup!

 I am sure a wonderful time was had by all!

Hope all of you are having a wonderful Wednesday!



  1. This looks like a very lovely tea! I enjoyed reading about it.

  2. Popping over from Tea With Friends blog where I noticed you on her side bar :) I enjoyed this post, and am intrigued to know more about Victoria Woodhull. Very cool. I will have to google her. I love the names for the menu items as well. TTFN ~ tah tah for now :)

  3. I would have enjoyed this.

    Karen Miller in Idaho

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