Monday, February 21, 2011

Tea-on-Tuesday 3

This was the tea cup that started it all!
My very first real tea-cup (as I used to call it)
My mom bought this for me at a women s retreat we went on in
Sugar Creek Ohio 16 years ago.

The name of it is 'DUCHESS'
My mom and I saw it at the same time
and both said Ooo look at this!
She picked it up and took it to the register, I thought
she was buying it for herself!
She handed the package to me with a hug
and said "I wanted you to have a special gift to
remember this weekend!"
I use it when I am feeling blue; it always cheers me up!
Happy Tea-day!


  1. That's a lovely set and a lovely story :o)

  2. Nice post...and I love this kind of tea cup!!!
    HAve a nice day, hugs, Flavia

  3. Very pretty and it holds memories, tea, and the promise of spring! Glad you could join us!!!!

  4. The best kind of tea cup is one filled with memories. I love this pretty one.

  5. I love English Victorian Roses and your cup is so lovely. Rose hips tea would be perfect for it. It's my first "Tea on Tuesdays" so please stop by when you get a chance for a cup.
    Wendy :)

    The Year of the Cats

  6. Hi Donna,

    Thanks for coming by for a visit! Your blog is so cute! What a lovely teacup. I love to pick up a teacup to remember a special occasion too!


  7. What a wonderful story :)
    I do hope your day is a lovely rose pink one - and not blue after all :)

    hugs, Kimmie

  8. I can see why this cup would cheer you up. Such a lovely piece and the story is a wonderful memory. Happy tea day to you!

  9. You have chosen a beautiful cup and saucer to use in today's Tea Tuesday post. I'm delighted you shared the back story of this beauty. It always makes it so much more personal.

  10. Pretty cup and saucer made all the more special for the memories!
    i see you have lots of pretty teacups.
    Thank you for your kind words on my blog.


  11. That is so sweet! I hope I can remember to be that kind of mom for my kids when I'm not ready to throttle them for tattling every other minute!! Happy Tea Day!

  12. so. darn. sweet.

    can i have your mom, please?



  13. There is just nothing prettier than a sweet floral teacup!

  14. This is a beautiful Duchess teacup!! What a special gift from your mother and a your trip to Sugar Creek. I enjoy traveling in that area of Ohio.

  15. GORGEOUS cup and saucer. Aptly named. Aren't moms the best? My mother started my teacup collection too- with her own cups.


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