Monday, February 14, 2011

Tea on Tuesday

A couple of weeks ago I participated in a tea cup swap hosted by Pat at artfullyooglebloops
My swap partner was Kimmie@ artinredwagons
Swaps are just so much fun! I love getting things snail mail (as long as they are not bills!)

Here is what she sent me- 2 different kinds of tea; one of which is my favorite (Jasmine)
and the other (Northwest Breakfast Tea) I am looking forward to trying!
She also sent the cutest magnet I have ever seen! It has a gold teapot charm on it,
(I am so sorry I do not have a close up picture of it!)
and a tiny tea~spoon with a tea pot on it too.

The teacup is so dainty and pretty with tiny pink flowers,
I just loved it!
Hope all of you have a wonderful Tea~Day!


  1. Donna, that is such a pretty cup and saucer :o) What a great idea to swap.
    The series i posted about is called "Lark Rise To Candleford". I watch it on the BBC websites iPlayer. It is also on YouTube from series 1. i start watching it at series 3 and the 4th is currently being transmitted.
    Have a lovely day, and thanks for stopping by :o)

  2. What a great gift box! I love that pretty cup, it IS dainty!

  3. Aww I'm so glad you liked it all! That WAS a fun swap!! I'm glad you're enjoying the tea too :)

    Happy tea today!

  4. So pretty!! That sounds like it was a fun swap!!!

  5. Beautiful :) enjoy the tea today.

  6. Neat cool swap.
    Swaps are Burning me out, girl.
    know what I'm sayin? But a teacup swap may be up my alley...

  7. Glad you could play - !! Am planning another swap in the spring - maybe orphan teacups - not sure yet!!!

  8. oo so sweet! i am sad i missed the swap! maybe next time...happy t tuesday! i like your pink and green blog ornaments too!

  9. Very pretty cup.. what a neat idea.. love the magnet too..

  10. Very nice swap!!! Hugs and have a nice Sunday, Flavia

  11. Greetings from

    Very lovely tea cup and the magnet too.

  12. Oh! It's lovely! What fun mail indeed!


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