Monday, February 28, 2011

Tea on Tuesday 4

Hello everyone! I have been collecting black and
white tea items for awhile now, always on the hunt.
This tea cup was purchased
at a thrift store in Texas; this is one of a pair and each
has a different scene and a different
animal. I paid $4.00 each. They are from Tabletops
Unlimited and the name of the pattern is
New England Toile.
This cup is very large so it's great for my
morning (get up and go) tea.
Hope everyone has a lovely Tea~day today!


  1. I have a set of 4 b&w cups and saucers - you have reminded me - I will drag them out of the cupboard!!!

  2. They are so pretty!
    $4.00 is a Steal

    I need to troll some different thrift stores...

  3. I love the size! and so cool with your black teapot ..... very very pretty and what a deal! Thanks for sharing :)

    Happy Tea Day! Kimmie

  4. That is a lucky find! I love black and white cups and toile makes it even better.Thanks for having tea with me today.

  5. Your black & white toile cup is very pretty - great texture and shape too.

  6. It's lovely! What a bargain! I went back to my favorite thrift store this morning to see if they still had the Fiestaware cups I had in my hand on Sunday but someone snapped them up. Bummer! I realized I had no cash and had to put all my stuff back. Very sad...

  7. What a great cup and I love Toile! I don't collect it or anything but I appreciate it when I see it. Lovely to tea with you today!!

  8. I've never thought of collecting tea items in colors, but I love the idea. Your black and white set is beautiful! I'm going to have to start searching out colored tea sets for the different seasons. Thank you for the wonderful cup of tea :)

    The Year of the Cats

  9. Happy T day :) love the large cup!

  10. Black and white toile! Love it! What a great theme!

  11. Man...what a blessing. We NEVER have good stuff like that at our thrifts! I can see why you snapped them up! How cute!
    I've just found you on a Teacup Thursday link from Miss Spenser's which I am a part of. Glad to meet you!

  12. That's a beautiful cup.. love the black and white..


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